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We Buy Silver, Platinum & Gold in Beverly Hills, California

In today’s tough economic times, you might be wondering if you are protected from another recession or massive drop in the stock market. Did you know that you might have the perfect insurance policy sitting in the back of one of your dresser drawers? At Beverly Hills Jewelry Buyers, we will buy your gold and silver chains, bracelets, coins and charms so you can turn them into cash. We rarely get bad weather in Beverly Hills, but we have you covered whenever a rainy day rolls around.

Whenever you sell or trade precious metals, you want to be sure that you’re getting maximum value for your items, and that starts with knowing what you have. When dealing in jewelry and other non-collectible things, the price is a determination of weight and purity of the metal. Make an appointment with our gold buyers for a fair assessment.

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Even if you don’t have any gold in your collection, you might still be sitting on some money. Silver and platinum can also be melted down and repurposed, and you can find those metals in coins, jewelry and dental fillings. In some cases, platinum-based items might even be worth more than golden ones, so be sure to have an experienced appraiser make an offer.

Serving Los Angeles and Orange County

If you have some extra gold, silver or platinum in your collection, make the short drive from anywhere in Los Angeles or Orange County to our shop in Beverly Hills. While you’re here, be sure to browse our expansive collection, as we sell fine watches, necklaces and other collectible pieces. Schedule an appointment or ask us a few questions by calling 310-288-0709 today!