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What to Consider When Buying and Selling Estate Jewelry

If you're getting started dealing in estate jewelry, there are a couple of things you should think about before anything changes hands. Here are some of the top concerns whether you're buying or selling.


With the amount of merchandise out there, it makes sense to get some focus. Determining what you like the most and concentrating on it leads to success whether you're buying or selling.


With estate jewelry, there's often more than meets the eye. Look beyond appearances to think of how you can modify the items and increase their value. Sometimes removing a gem from its setting and placing it in another can add beauty and marketability. Consult with the jeweler for advice on how to proceed.

Consider the Market

Let research guide you on how to price your estate items, and try to use the most current information available. Along with price guides, your search could include many online sources such as auction sites. If you see many similar items being offered, make sure to take into consideration what sets your jewelry apart from the rest and price accordingly. The same goes for buyers: Make as educated a guess as possible before you make a final selection.
When you go forward with some preparation, you can get a great deal on estate jewelry. To buy or sell estate jewelry, call Beverly Hills Jewelry Buyers at 310-288-0709.