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Most Popular Wedding Ring Trends This Winter

Every potential spouse wants an engagement ring that is garnered to that individual’s taste. Today’s engagement rings are big, bold and nontraditional. Here are some hot inspired looks for those looking to tie the knot in the cold winter months.

Tear Drop and Square Cuts Are In

Today’s engagement rings feature large gemstones in a variety of inspired shapes. Teardrop and square are becoming increasingly popular. But it’s not just the gems that are featuring unique cuts, the rings themselves are laser cut with intricate scrollwork.

Try Other Gemstones Besides Diamond

For color, most engagement rings are featuring gemstones other than diamonds. Even the ones that do feature diamonds are expanding into the colored diamonds: yellow, pink and chocolate diamonds are setting trends. But it’s not just about the color of the gem; many engagement rings now feature rose gold as a colored metal or are mixing metal colors on the band and prong settings.

Vintage and Usual Cuts

The greatest thing about what’s trending for 2017 is that everything’s trending! If you prefer a vintage style, it’s out there. If you like floral cuts, you can get floral cuts. If you want to stack rings, there are plenty of stackable sets out there. You can be as traditional or trendy as you wish to be, or any combination in between.
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