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How Vintage and Antique Jewelry Differ

If you’re interested in jewelry, then you’ve heard different pieces referred to as “vintage” or “antique.” The difference between these categories is not always immediately clear, though, especially as both types are also considered to be estate jewelry as well. Learn the difference between these classifications.

Vintage Pieces

One way to classify jewelry is by its age. Vintage jewelry, then, is any piece between 50 and 100 years old. These pieces can usually still be paired with outfits to add a classy look or make a statement, and sometimes are still in style.

Antique Items

Antique jewelry consists of pieces that are more than 100 years old. Although they may age in good condition, these pieces are not often worn because of their value. Antique jewelry typically falls into one of several categories, depending on when a piece was crafted.


Both vintage and antique jewelry can be considered estate jewelry because they were previously owned. Age is also another factor; as pieces of jewelry get to be older than 50, they are increasingly classified as part of an estate.

Although age is the primary difference between these categories, it can sometimes be a subtle difference. The vintage necklace you love can quickly become an antique, and thus estate jewelry. Visit Beverly Hills Jewelry Buyers to learn more about which pieces are considered estate jewelry.