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High-End Watches

For over 60 years Beverly Hills Jewelry Buyers has been buying, selling, and repairing watches from estates, personal sales, or collections sold in blocks at auction. We pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge of jewelry styles and designers for the last 100 years. If you have become interested in the styling of watches from the last 25 to 50 years, we encourage you to come by our shop and see our selection!
Vintage watches contain a degree of design and credibility not found in the offerings of today’s market. Many collectors are attracted to rare finds from estate sales or collections made available to the public, which are only found through a buyer with a great network. We are such a buyer, and have been privy to some of the most exquisite watches of the last half century.
Consider the high-end aftermarket potential from a respected buyer such as Beverly Hills Jewelry Buyers for a truly unique high-end watch to suit your distinct style and tastes. We look forward to assisting you by answering any questions you might have or by providing history on any items in our showcase .Come see us today!