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A Guide To Buying Your First Luxury Watch

Luxury Watch

Despite the prevalence of smartphones that are perfectly capable of telling time (and doing much more), high-end watches remain popular. They're purchased both as a fashion statement and an investment. If you're considering getting your first luxury chronometer, here are some features to look for in the one you ultimately select.

Look at Neutral-Colored Bands

Limit your selection to watches that have neutral colored bands. While bright red and flashy green bands look great with certain outfits, they only work with particular color schemes. Since this is your first highend watch, a neutral band that'll match any outfit is a better choice. It's more versatile, and you'll be able to wear the watch no matter what else you have on.

Match Your Always-Worn Jewelry

Searching for a neutral-colored, high-end watch will inevitably lead you towards watches that have bands made of precious metals. You'll find gold, rose gold, white gold, and platinum watch bands. There may also be a few black or brown leather bands, but most of the selection will be one of these metals.

Assuming you decide to get a watch with a metal band, match it to any other jewelry that you wear all the time. Such jewelry is usually an engagement ring or wedding ring, but some people also always have their class ring or a championship ring on. Whatever the item is, select a band that contains the same metal. This will ensure that you coordinate your accessories.

Get a Brand Name Chronometer

Largely thanks to the internet, many new small specialty watch companies offer high-end watches of their own design. Many of these are excellent, but small startups don't have the reputation or recognition of the world's most historic and well-known chronometer brand.

Until you're more familiar with the intricacies of luxury watches, stick with a model that's from a renowned watchmaker. Going with a famous brand guarantees a high level of quality, and it helps maintain resale value should you or an heir ever want to sell the watch.

A watch from a small company could be just as good, but there's more risk involved buying from these companies. Because you aren't yet able to assess watches yourself and knowing the market, stick with the proven brands. You can purchase your second, third, or fourth watch from a more obscure company if you want to.

Find a Mechanical Movement

The parts that keep a watch ticking are called the movement, and there are two kinds of movements. Mechanical movements have hundreds of minuscule and synchronized parts that keep time. The parts are powered by a spring that must be periodically wound. Quartz movements rely on a battery.

While quartz watches are low-maintenance and accurate, mechanical movements are preferable because they showcase the art of watchmaking. All of the small moving parts show the craftsmanship that went into the chronometer.

For this reason, mechanical movements are more desirable. A watch with a mechanical movement will tend to have a higher resale value, get you more admiration from fellow chronometer enthusiasts and be more fun to own.

Any reputable watch seller will tell you whether a watch has a mechanical or quartz movement, but you don't have to ask to find out. Watches with mechanical movements have hands that move in smooth motions. Those with quartz movements have hands that jerk when they tick.

Choose a Face You Love

Once you're looking at watches that meet all of the above criteria, select one that has a face you love. Pick a simple face or one with many complications, whichever you prefer. After all, this is the part of the watch you'll be looking at most often.

Shopping for your first high-end watch is fun and often comes with an education on chronometers. For help understanding luxury watches and finding one you'll like, contact us at Beverly Hills Jewelry Buyers.